100% Pure Organic Moroccan Saffron. Premium Quality. Hand-picked from the saffron fields of Taliouine, Morocco, and brought to your kitchen. You will receive real saffron with vivid crimson coloring, slight moistness, elasticity, and lack of broken-off thread debris. Each stage of production is done by hand. When our saffron’s aroma envelopes a kitchen, it’s truly an appealing scent. The rich aromatic flavor, appealing color and high nutritious value makes our saffron extremely special.


Taliouine, Morocco is the heart of Morocco’s saffron industry. It is a mountain village situated near the Atlas Mountains. The rich volcanic soil combined with an ideal climate gives the saffron its potency, color and exceptional aroma. Centuries of developing agricultural skills has allowed farmers to produce some of the world’s finest saffron threads. Taliouine is the top saffron producer in Africa, and Morocco is the fourth-largest producer of saffron in the world. About 150 saffron flowers are needed to obtain 1 gram of dry saffron stigmas. Saffron is considered to be the world’s most expensive spice, but our direct relationship with our saffron farmer allows us to offer this high quality product to our customers at a reasonable price.

Moroccan Saffron

  • Tasting Notes

    This highly sought after spice offers several tasting notes: semi-sweet and honey-like, floral, and fresh like the sea.


    Net Weight: 0.035 oz (1 g)



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