Our Story

Moroccan Saffron, LLC is a Washington, DC-based company that offers the freshest, most aromatic, top quality gourmet products. We started with a simple idea: provide customers with the opportunity to experience pure Moroccan Saffron. Now we have grown to offer a carefully catered selection of gourmet food products pleasing to any palate and found nowhere else. 


We are socially-conscious, promote fair trade and sustainable farming practices that support communities, and our ingredients are organically-sourced as much as possible. We sell pure Moroccan Saffron that is superior in quality. Our Organic Moroccan Culinary Argan Oil is nutty, delicious and packed with vitamin E and healthy fats.  Our artisan teas are handcrafted from the finest ingredients found around the world. Our honey is locally produced in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley and is naturally, deliciously, silky sweet. Our exclusive Salt and Spice Collections offer blends that will inspire your culinary imagination. We infuse, mix, make, bottle, blend, package and ship from our kitchen. Every batch is handmade with lots of love. Please give our products a try. You will not be disappointed.


We specialize in the saffron and argan trades. We import our saffron and argan directly from Morocco. Taliouine, Morocco is the heart of Morocco’s saffron industry. It is a mountain village situated near the Atlas Mountains. The rich volcanic soil combined with the ideal climate—dry, with brutally hot summers and cold winters—gives the saffron its potency, color and exceptional aroma. Centuries of developing agricultural skills has allowed farmers to produce some of the world’s finest saffron threads.  Taliouine is the top saffron producer in Africa, and Morocco is the fourth-largest producer of saffron in the world.

Agadir, in southwestern Morocco, is famous for its beautiful beaches and argan trees. The trees produce a fruit that is harvested each spring and cold-pressed to create argan oil. The argan oil we source is a labor-intensive process produced by hand by a women-run cooperative using traditional methods. With its smooth nutty taste, culinary argan oil is perfect for cooking, drizzling and dipping, and is high in vitamin E and healthy fats. 



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