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Drink Lemon and Honey Water Every Day

11 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Lemon and Honey Water Every Day

1.  It is a healthy, low-calorie drink

2.  It aids digestion

3.  It acts as a diuretic

4.  It detoxifies the body

5.  Lemon-honey water melts down fat

6.  It clears the skin of acne

7.  It increases immunity

8.  It is a remedy for throat infections

9.  It relieves a cough and chest congestion

10.  It relieves constipation

11.  It relieves urinary tract infections and kidney stones

Make the Honey & Lemon Drink

1.  Boil a cup of water and allow it to cool until it is just warm to touch.

2.  Add a teaspoonful of your favorite Moroccan Saffron honey and stir well to dissolve.

3.  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the honey water, give it a stir and drink up.

Drink the mixture immediately after preparing it, preferably on an empty stomach, to derive all the benefits. Do not reheat the mixture. 


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