Moroccan Saffron Bonbons

Dear Customers:  Because this is a heat-sensitive product, we only sell it seasonally in the Fall and Winter.  So please check back this Fall!



Moroccan Saffron's Signature Collection of 9 Saffron Chocolate Bonbons! These exquisite chocolate jewels are layered with decadent flavors made with Moroccan Saffron, our local honey from the Virginia Shenandoah Valley, our Artisan Teas and are encased in premium milk and dark chocolate. Made by hand in small batches and packaged beautifully like the gems they are in a lovely black chocolate box tied with a satin bow.

Moroccan Saffron Bonbons



    Saffron Sunrise

    Blood Orange & Saffron Coconut Patty, Marzipan


    Creamsicle Caramel

    Blood Orange Salted Caramel & Vanilla Bean Saffron Creme


    Coconut Joy

    Lemon Saffron Coconut Patty


    Twisted Cafe Ole

    Hot Honey & Saffron Coffee Caramel


    Strawberry Rose

    Rosewater, Strawberry & Saffron Creme


    Peachy Keen

    Lychee Peach & Clover Honey Caramel, Vanilla Bean Saffron Creme


    Citrus Chai Melange

    Chai Spice & Saffron Vanilla Bean Creme, Blood Orange Salted Caramel


    Saffron Mint

    Mint & Saffron Vanilla Bean Creme


    Pomegranate Cardamom Spice

    Pomegranate, Cardamom & Cinnamon Saffron Caramel